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Kevin was the type of person who walked into a room and it lit up. He commanded the attention of all around him with his quick wit, his charm and his smile. Kevin had the personality that put people at ease – whether they knew him for ten years or ten minutes. He loved to tell elaborate stories about the adventures that he had each and every day, because Kevin turned everything into an adventure. So he’d sit you down and describe his ridiculous day and by the end of the story, you’d both be laughing with tears running down your face and realized that you had just made a new best friend.

Kevin started his emergency services career at the age of 16, when most his age are more concerned with video games, Kevin chose to devote his free time helping his community of Union, NJ. He joined the Union Emergency Medical Unit and that started his passion for helping others. After Kevin graduated high school, he moved to New Brunswick and started his college education at Rutgers University studying Criminal Justice. While at Rutgers University he took a job as a per diem Emergency Medical Technician. Kevin then decided that he wanted to expand his knowledge of emergency services, so he joined the East Franklin Volunteer Fire Company in Somerset, NJ. Kevin went to fire school, where he obtained his Firefighter 1 certification. Kevin quickly made friends in the firehouse and went to as many fires as he could, to gain more experience. He even became part of a small group that would stay at the firehouse all night so that, if there were a call, an engine could be on the road as quickly as possible. In 2006, he was recognized for his efforts and was promoted to Foreman. Kevin also was a certified CPR instructor and enjoyed teaching people how they too could save lives. Kevin actively participated in anything that would benefit the community. Emergency Services was Kevin’s passion and one to which he devoted his life.  After college, Kevin's goal was to become a New York City police officer. He had already taken the exam and was awaiting the results of his test. Unfortunately, he died in the line of duty on April 11, 2006, while attempting to rescue a trapped resident from her burning home. Kevin’s test results arrived in the mail the same day that he died. He had achieved an almost perfect score on the written exam – a 99.6.

Kevin left a legacy with all those he touched. Among many things, he taught us the importance of volunteering and the importance of family and friends. He was a talented, passionate and selfless young man. We are all blessed to have known him. 

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One of the missions of the Kevin Apuzzio Memorial Foundation is to provide scholarships to those following in Kevin's footsteps. Specifically, the scholarships are open to NJ Firefighters and/or EMT-B/Ps attending an accredited 4-year college or university, working on their baccalaureate (or higher) degree. The scholarship amount for 2022 is $1000.


If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

- Must be a NJ Firefighter 1 and / or NJ EMT-B/P certified and active on a fire company or EMS agency for more then 18 months.

- Have maintained a GPA of 2.5 or higher.


In order to complete the application, the following supporting documents need to be obtained:

- Letter of good standing from a chief or highest ranking officer of your organization. (Download

- A copy of your NJ Firefighter 1 and / or EMT certification.

- An unofficial copy of your college transcript. (Please redact your Social Security and Birthday from the document).

- A prepared, 1,000 word essay written on the following prompt:

"In your emergency service experience, describe a difficult situation you encountered.  Explain how you over came the situation and if / how the situation shaped you into the emergency responder you are today."


For those that meet these qualifications and have all your supporting documentation ready, please register for an account on this site and proceed to the application form by clicking the link below.


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About Us


The Kevin Apuzzio Memorial Foundation was established on December 5th, 2013, by the voting members of the East Franklin Fire Company, to provide funds and support to student firefighters following in Kevin's footsteps of community service. 


In June of 2014, the Kevin Apuzzio Memorial Foundation officially incorporated as a New Jersey Non-Profit Corporation.  In doing so, the foundation separated from the East Franklin Fire Company and formed it's own Governing Board.


All funds raised go directly to support the Foundation's mission to carry on the legacy of Kevin Apuzzio through scholarships and outreach programs.

Current Projects

  • Scholarship

    The Kevin Apuzzio Foundation's Annual Scholarship is awarded every year to a college student who is involved in emergency services with the state of New Jersey.  They can be either a member of an EMS organization or Fire Department.  

  • Training Day

    From it's inception on the goals for the foundation was to provide low cost training opportunities to emergency services.  This goal will finally materialize on December 9th for the Kevin Apuzzio Training Day.  For the first year we will be doing a small fire based training, however we would like to expand over years to come to provide EMS training as well.

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